• Once you have journeyed through our introductory course, having learned tools and absorbed the ethics and basics of the tradition, the next step in your studies lies here, in Unveiling Goddess. In this in-depth course, we will continue to explore the nuances of spiritual discipline and practice in the Sha'can tradition, learning additional methods of worship and delving more deeply into the Tantrick frameworks of the Shakta lineage carried from India to new shores.

    Participants in this collaborative forum will share experiences and receive feedback each week as they develop the techniques during sadhana (spiritual practice) and utilize them within their own devotional work, inclusive of ritual, prayer, meditation, ecstatic dance and other forms of worship. Emphasis will be on establishment of an invigorated daily practice.

  • We begin this introductory course at SHARANYA's Kali Vidya (Wisdom School) with creation of a framework that helps us build a respectful and appropriate bridge to the mysteries and understanding of Devi, Goddess, our Divine Mother...She Who Embraces All.

    Given our roots in the earth-based spirituality of Tantra and the Western context, we start with a very basic introduction to Earth-based practices as they are incorporated into our tradition, Sha'can. We enter this exploration as beginners on the path, each of us with our own wisdom to offer and an open heart to receive. The first section of our course will give you an important introduction to and perspective on how we practice. The exercises given are also important keys for the rest of the spiritual homework provided.

    We then provide a brief background on what Tantra is (and what it is not) and its flow within our lineage. Next, we offer an introduction to a symbol of primary metaphysical and ritual importance, the Dark Goddess, and why She is important. This is followed by an exploration of Kali beyond archetype and metaphor of Great Mother.

    This course, when all of the components are put together, creates a ritual through which devotees may approach Kali Maa in order to gain understanding that complements a sincere desire and longing to know Her mysteries. As you journey with us, know that our in-depth courses get more into the nuts and bolts of Tantrik sadhana (intentional embodied practice). So, if this introductory course leaves you thirsting for more, be assured there is much more to drink. We welcome you to our community of spiritual seekers.